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“The badges and breastplates of the Komsomol”


Leninist Young Communist League of the Soviet Union (Komsomol) was set up in October 1918. In 2003 it was 85 years since the day of creation of L.Y.C.L.S.U (Komsomol).

Almost all people of the elder generation had the Komsomol badges. In 1984 there were about 42 million peoples in the ranks of the Komsomol. Such people like the last General secretary C.C. C.P.S.U Mikhaill Gorbachov, president of Georgia – Shevardnadze began their careers in Komsomol. First woman-cosmonaut V.V. Terechkova was the secretary of Komsomol committee of the weaving-mill “Krasnyi Perekop”.

With badges and breastplates of Komsomol were awarded: General secretary of Central Committee C.P.S.U    L.I. Breznev, famous sportswoman I. Rodnina, writer N.A. Ostrovsky, composer A. Pachmutova, legendary pilot A.P. Maresev, first cosmonaut Y.A.Gagarin, marshals of the Soviet Union G.K Zhukov, I. Konev, A.I. Pokryshkin, chess champion of the world A. Karpov and many others.

The first edition of my book was published in Ukraine in March 1998.

44 badges and 32 breastplate of Komsomol were described in this book.

Recently I found many interesting information about the Komsomol”s badges and breastplates. As a result of this information some new chapters have been added to my book. In a new book described 410 badges and 66 breastplates of the Komsomol. About 90% of it has illustrations.

This reference book is intended not only for the collectors of badges but also for all those interested in the history of Russia and USSR.

I hope it will be used as a manual by collectors and museum workers.

I am looking for a sponsor to publish my book abroad.


1 Preface.
2 The system of awards.
3 The badges and breastplates of the Komsomol (classification).
4 The badge or breastplate?
5 About metal.
6 Manufacturers of badges.
7 Founders of badges and breastplates of the Komsomol.
8 The souvenir badges.
9 The symbolism.
10 How to use the catalogue?
11 Catalogue of badges.
12 Catalogue of breastplates.
13 They were at the head of Komsomol (biography).
14 Chronicle of disintegration of the USSR.
15 Orders which Komsomol was awarded.
16 Komsomol’s patronage.
17 Diplomas of the Komsomol.
18 Prizes and cups.
19 Tables.
20 First honorary members of the Komsomol.
21 “The Young Guards” underground organization.
22 The Komsomol and Navy.
23 The Komsomol and submarines.
24 The Komsomol and snipers.
25 Annals of the Komsomol.
26 Jubilees of the Komsomol.
27 Two-sided international meetings of the Komsomol.
28 Conventional signs.
29 Abbreviations.
30 Bibliography.
31 Conclusion.
Illustrations (48 pages).

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